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5 Features that will make you love planning the "spaces" way...

1. People Over Projects

Our "relationships" space helps keep people on your mind that need encouragement, a coffee-chat, or a fun "just because" surprise. Focus on the important things, not just the urgent ones.

2. A List-Maker's Dream

Endless spaces to get ideas off your mind and onto your lists. Move things around, customize your lists, and feel accomplished as you cross things off.

3. Quality Materials

Durable cover with reinforced corners. High quality paper limits bleed through and ghosting.

4. Flexible Weekly Planning

 You're never boxed-in with spaces. Your spaces are designed to give you total control and complete flexibility in your weekly planning. Spaces let's you "roll with the punches."

5. Spacious Calendar Spread

The double-spread monthly calendar provides large spaces for calendaring your events... or for more list-making (if you're hard-core about your lists).   ;)