Hi! I'm Rachael Werner, creator of the Spaces Planner. The Spaces Planner was created after I searched for a planner similar to our layout but came up empty handed again and again. 

Have you ever been exhausted at the end of the day but wondered what exactly had been completed?  Did you then realize you had jumped from task to task racking your brain trying to remember what you needed to do next while actually completing only a few things?  How about feeling so overwhelmed with all you had to do you didn't know exactly where to start so you ended up just scrolling social media in a mindless daze? Me too! 

Something HAD to change - for me, my family, and those I had committed to finish tasks for. Living that way of crazy wasn't healthy or helpful to anyone. I decided if I needed a planner like this maybe others could use it as well! 

So, with an entrepreneur's heart, a fire in my belly, encouragement from family and friends, and a great big dream to bless many women's lives - Spaces Planner went from a dream to a reality! 

It is my heart to see us, especially women, clear head space by filling our paper space and create controlled chaos within ourselves. This will then spill over to our homes and flood our relationships and responsibilities from there! Life can be busy and abundant without being full of unhealthy anxiety and stress! If a Spaces Planner helps you be successful with that mission then glory to God!

Blessings on you, your home, and the life tasks you manage!


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